Desert Shade is a rock band from Annapolis, Maryland. Born out of necessity in the fall of 2019 to fulfill a headlining slot, the band came together in haste to deliver a set that landed them on the Baltimore Soundstage just months later. In the days ahead, Desert Shade would find themselves playing stages all throughout the Baltimore/Annapolis area, bringing their refreshing brand of classic rock to the modern era. Their debut EP was released on August 28th, 2020, recorded and mixed in house. The band is currently  recording new material for a late fall 2022 release.

Meet the Band:

A man of many talents, sings vocals and plays guitar while wearing a hat. How he does it, no one knows!

Nick M

Not only does he play lead guitar and sing, Nick also handles all of the recording, mixing, and mastering for the band's tracks. Unreal!

Anthony D

Bass Guitar? Check. Harmonica? Check. Keyboard? Stay Tuned!